Kirill Myltsev

 N Fuller ave 1860., Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 489-1520

Creative and visionary editor with a special talent for storytelling and 10 years career experience working in feature films, documentaries, TV series and shows. Displays excellent communication and decision-making skills, possesses exceptional multi-tasking abilities and comfortably leads multi-functional teams in delivering quality content.


Creative - Attention to detail - Script editing and composition - Team building and development Excellent communication skills - Time management - Tech-savvy

Premiere pro/AVID/Final cut


The High Courses of Scriptwriters and Film Directors, Moscow: Directing

Humanities Institute of TV & Radio Broadcasting, Moscow: Editing

Russian State University for the Humanities: Management High School for the Arts, Moscow: Violin


Best Editor - “Men of Labor” Festival, Chelyabinsk (2014)

Best Editor - “Hot Heart” Film Festival (2014)

Cannes Lions Festival (2015)

Best Editor - K. Zanussi Student Flm Festival, Moscow

Best Feature - “On Edge” - The Sea Calls International Film Festival, St. Petersburg BRICS FIlm Festival (2017) Chengdu, China



“Hunger Games” (3 Seasons)  - Pyatniza TV network

"Master-Chef" (1 Season) - STS Channel

“Restoration Artists” (1 Season) - Ň24 Channel

Feature Films

“A working man ” (2014) –   M. Miro Dir., The Island Studio (Studio “Ostrov”)

“ Hot Hearts”” (2014) – N. Popova, Dir,. The Island Studio (Studio “Ostrov”)

“Made by Russians” (Documentary Mini-Series, 2015) - A. Solovyov Dir. - METRAFILMS STUDIO

“Georgy Pinkhasov" (Paris), “Anton Yuknovetz" (New York), “Nikolai Moiseeyev" (New York),

“Artem Oganov" (Poitier), “Mikhail Zelman" (London) - A. Solovyov Dir. - METRAFILMS STUDIO

“The Little One” (2015) - A. Solovyov Dir. -  2.35 Studio

“The Temple” (2016) - A. Solovyov Dir.  

“Russia. We are 25”” (2016) – A Golikova Dir., Channel 2 Russia

"Zhena politseyskogo" (TV Series, 2017 - 16 Episodes) – NTV National TV Network, Russia

“Vzryv” (TV Series, 2017 - 16 Episodes)

“Sacred ground” (2018) S. Kozmin Dir.  

“A Minute of Silence”   (2015) – Ghetto Studio

“On Edge” ( Documentary Series 2016) – director, writher, editor

«We Decide» (Documantary Mini-Series)

"The Zone" (2018) - Atelier 114  FIlms

“The Buratino experiment” dir. A. Slobodyanik

 “Masha from Russia” dir. A. Slobodyanik

“9 incredible stories” - dir. D. Korikov DK FILMS

Short FIlms

A Jouney to Paris (2016) - dir. M. Polyakova

Places We Have Been (2017)  - dir. D. Korikov

I Would Like to Tell You a Story - (2018) - dir. D.Korikov

“Mad river” (2018) -  dir. P. Kildau DK FILMS

“Dunes”   (2018) - dir. K. Brynner 

"The High line" (2018) - dir. P. Kildau

"One day" (2018) - dir. D. Korikov DK FILMS

"Death valley" (2018) - DK FILMS


MARLBORO - ‘Fetish’, A. Solovyov Dir.

ORBIT  -  HYPE/BBDO  A. Solovyov Dir.

ÍŇÂ+   - Studio 2.35 đĺć. A. Davydovsky Dir.  

GOOGLE - ‘Pravda’ , M. Barsukova Dir

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